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Meet Susan and Mandah

Poodles lovers to the core

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Meet Susan and Mandah- Susan is a lifelong animal lover. Whether dog or cat or horse or cows, she has spent her life loving and enjoying the company of all animals. Five years ago Susan fell in love with a Poodle she met while out on a walk. In all her life, she had never considered a Poodle, thinking that are “Foo Foo” dogs or high maintenance, and not her kind of farm dog. Boy was she wrong. Not long after, she had met a breeder and was able to purchase her first Standard Poodle, Mattie. Mattie is a Black and White Parti Poodle and Cole Acres Parti Poodles was born. Mattie was everything she wanted in a Poodle, and more. Her love of Mattie was undeniable and soon she found that friends and family were seeking her out asking about the breed, how to get one, what all can they do and can you help find them one.
It wasn’t long after that Susan realized, who better to connect her loved ones up with a pet than herself. Susan has been breeding and raising Standard Poodles ever since. With her love and thoughtful breeding she has connected her beloved community with their perfect furry family member. Cole Acres Parti Poodles expanded and added Cole Acres Lizzy, a Café Au Lait Parti Poodle and later, Coles Acres Sofie, a brindle Standard Poodle.
In 2019 Mandah came into the picture, reaching out to Susan seeking a black, male Standard Poodle. She had lost her beloved Mini Poodle Winston, and after months of mourning decided it was time to open her heart to Poodle love again. At the time, Susan didn’t have any black males, but had two sweet girls, one named Gidget captured her heart unexpectedly and began her love of Standard Poodles.
Susan and Mandah quickly became friends, sharing not only their love of Standard Poodles, but also their love of horses, family and friends. It didn’t take long for the two of them to begin working together, planning litters, dreaming of future plans and growth. From their love of the breed and friendship bloomed Cole Acres/Oviatt Farms Standard Poodles, or CAOF for short.
Susan and Mandah have big plans for 2021 and beyond. Together they have scoured the region looking for the perfect addition to CAOF. They are a few months away from introducing and proving their own CAOF Stud, Cole Acres/Oviatt Farms Handsome Hank and a litter over a year and a half away from introducing momma-to-be Cole Acres/Oviatt Farms Miss Ella Mae, a Brindle Parti Standard Poodle.
They have one more big announcement coming… so stay tuned!

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