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Lizzy Kendel litter

Today, March 2nd and puppies had their Vet check. They received a thumbs up, thank you Dr. Chris Ryan of Sequoia Vet in Canby, and received their first puppy shots. 7 of them will be heading off to their new poodle families snd meeting their other siblings to be. two of them will get to stay a week longer before a trip to Idaho. I’m blessed to get to keep a couple a little longer.

One is heading down to Las Vegas, one to Idaho, one real close right here in Oregon City, two down to Aumsville, one out to Deer Island, one to Eagle Creek, one to Hillsboro and one to Issaquah. A couple of them will be meeting other puppies from previous litters. We are excited to see our older puppies and see Our new puppies going home with their new families. We love our puppies and it will be hard to see them go, but know we will get to see them as they grow.

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